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Sanford High Class Challenge

Rally your classmates and help us dress up Sanford High School AND support charitable giving back to students across all grades in all Sanford schools. Our new Sanford High School Banner Campaign is now underway, and we invite you to challenge your classmates! Classes get their pick of two designs, below, and spaces for the flags in the high school parking lot are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.



Cost is a $1,250 tax-deductable donation to the nonprofit Legacy Foundation.



Class of 1981, Class of 2002: $1,250

    Class of 2000: $305

      Class of 2001: $150

        Class of 1971: $75

          Class of 1986: $50

          Class of 1996: $50

            Class of 1993: $25

                 *updated Nov. 1, 2023

Your choice of banners, with your class year on it

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