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Project Funding Request Process

The Sanford Schools Legacy Foundation regularly receives and considers requests to fund projects that meet our mission to "enhance the experience of students in Sanford’s Schools and Regional Technical Center."  The Board of Directors has adopted the following process to request project funding.


1. All requests must be submitted on the appropriate form. (CLICK HERE to download the form in PDF format.) With "Funding Request" clearly indicated in subject line, please send all requests to

2. All forms must be complete and have supporting documentation from the vendor from which the item/service will be purchased. Incomplete forms will be returned.

3. All shipping, handling, and installation costs must be included on the form.

4. All complete requests will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, as follows:

  • Requests received between Dec. 16 and March 15 will be reviewed at the April Board of Directors meeting.

  • Requests received between March 16 and June 15 will be reviewed at the July Board of Directors meeting.

  • Requests received between June 16 and Sept. 15 will be reviewed at the October Board of Directors meeting.

  • Requests received between Sept. 16 and Dec. 15 will be reviewed at the January Board of Directors meeting.

5. Requests may require the attendance of the requestor (or designee) at the corresponding Board of Directors meeting.

6. If approved, a purchase order shall be supplied to the vendor for the items and amounts approved.

7. Payment will only be made upon presentation of an invoice and satisfactory receipt of the items ordered, including the shipping manifest.

8. Cost incurred in excess of the amount approved by the Board shall be the requestor's responsibility.

9. Requests denied by the Board may be submitted at a later date if any conditions imposed by the Board at met; e.g. time, more information, receipt of funds aligned to request.

10. Remit all materials to the School Department Business Administrator, preferably by email.

11. Approvals or Denials will be communicated to the Requestor following the Board meeting at which it is reviewed.

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