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New educational model delivering rigorous and relevant curricula!

Career Pathways

The world is changing fast, and job opportunities come and go within years. Sanford's Career Pathways model is designed to adapt to new employment opportunities, deliver high quality integrated education to meet evolving needs, and help students prepare for these careers through dynamic college preparation and technical training using four distinct career pathways: Arts and Communication, Business and Marketing, Human Services, and Science and Technology.

The pathways school will incorporate and connect the school campus and its learning to the entire community in order to prepare students for life, whether they intend to pursue employment, military service or post-secondary education. All of the school's and community's resources will be implemented to support students as they identify their interests and strengths, which will help ensure completion of a post-secondary plan.

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Career Pathways Features
  • Instruction geared toward student career interests and pathway choice

  • Greater exposure to career options through job shadows and/or interships

  • Opportunities to engage the community and businesses in educating students about career possibilities

Naming Rights and Investment Opportunities
  • Naming rights to each of the three Career Pathways sectors

  • Naming rights for spaces: science labs and all classrooms

  • Science lab equipment, musical instruments, auditorium equipment

  • Upgraded technology for various classes and programs

Download Pathways Features

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